WSC Boy’s Team Residential Academy (Ages 14 – 18)

Bring your entire team and ‘kick-start’ the season. We encourage teams to enroll early so as to reserve a spot. The WSC is one of the nation’s leaders in the team concept and has provided the ideal springboard for a successful season to hundreds of teams over the years. High school coaches will have a chance to communicate with the WSC camp staff. After camp finishes high school coaches will receive an evaluation on individual players as well as the entire team. 15 players including a GK are needed to enroll for the WSC Team Pre-Season Academy.
(LIMITED to the first 12 teams.)

Coaching Concepts:

  • Advanced individual technique
  • Team tactics
  • Small group tactics
  • Set-plays


To enhance the development of the player and the team, the WSC combines a strong emphasis on individual skills along with advanced team tactics. In the morning, field players will receive training in the techniques of finishing, passing, dribbling, and general ball control. Individual creativity is encouraged among our campers in order to develop confidence and a more positive attitude toward the game of soccer. The afternoon schedule concentrates on tactical development culminating in full field 11v11 matches and a tournament involving all the participants. In addition to field instruction, the WSC provides an opportunity to better understand soccer skills and tactics through a series of lectures, question and answer sessions, and the latest in world class films and videos.

Sunday: Mon. – Wed.:
11:30 am – 1 pm Registration 7:15 – 8 am Breakfast
1:30 pm Camp Meeting at Dorms 8:30 am Walk to Boyden Fields
1:45 pm Walk to Boyden Fields 9 – 11 am 1st Field Session
2 – 3:30 pm 1st Field Session 11:30 – 12:30pm Lunch
4:30 – 5 pm Dinner 12:30 – 1:30pm Free Time at Dorm area
5:30 pm Boyden Fields 1:30 pm Walk to Boyden Fields
6 – 8 pm 2nd Field Session 2 – 3:30pm 2nd Field Session
9 pm Evening Activity 3:30 – 4 pm Swim
11 pm LIGHTS OUT 4:30 – 5 pm Dinner
5:30 pm Walk to Boyden Fields
6 – 8 pm 3rd Field Session

Closing Ceremonies on Wednesday at 8:00pm on the Boyden Fields. After the Closing Ceremonies the commuters are excused and the residents need to return to the dorm and clean out their rooms.

2 – 4 pm 1st Field Session Team/Ind. Evaluation Session
6 – 8 pm 2nd Field Session: Tournament Games
9 am – 11 am 1st Field Session Tech. Ind. / Small Group Defending
2 – 4 pm 2nd Field Session Tact. Def. vs. Att.
6 – 8 pm 3rd Field Session Tournament Games
9 – 11 am 1st Field Session Tech. Ind. / Small Group Attacking
2 – 4 pm 2nd Field Session Tact. Att. vs. Def.
6 – 8 pm 3rd Field Session Tournament Games
9 am – 11 am 1st Field Session 4v4 Individual Tournament
2 – 4 pm 2nd Field Session Tech. Crossing & Shooting
6 – 8 pm 3rd Field Session Tournament Play-Off Games


  • Bed Linens / Sleeping Bag & Pillow
  • Alarm Clock / Fan /Towel / Toiletries (Including Sunscreen)
  • Soccer Shoes (Molded, Studs, Flats, Running Shoes)
  • Shin-Guards (A MUST!)
  • Soccer Ball (We Have a Pump!!)
  • Sufficient Amount of Training Gear (There are Laundry Machines in the Dorms)
  • Rain Gear (In case of BAD Weather!)
  • Water Bottle
  • Evening Snacks (Optional)
  • Swimsuit (Remember Your Towel!)