Uniforms are provided to all registered players, the cost is included in the registration fee. Each player is expected to provide his/her own appropriate footwear and shin guards.

Shinguards are available for purchase from WSC, please ask your coach for details.No player may participate in a game without current season shirt, socks, shorts, appropriate footwear and shin guards.  An alternate soccer shirt or t-shirt may be worn for practice. We keep a basket of old cleats (soccer boots) for recycling.Players may not wear jewelry of any kind (including chains, watches, body jewelry and earrings), bandanas or other ornamentation or anything else that may, in the opinion of the referee, create an increased risk of injury to himself or herself or to other players during the game.Medical information bracelets should not be removed, but can be covered with a soft wrist band or temporarily modified to fit more snugly.Prescription eyeglasses may be worn, but must remain firmly on the wearers head. A restraining strap may be worn. Non-prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses are not permitted to be worn by a player during a game.Hard casts (including padded casts), splints, helmets and hard padding are not permitted to be worn by a player during any game or practice.Question: I keep seeing kids at practice without shinguards and even players allowed to wear their shinguards outside their socks. Should this be tolerated?”Answer: Players should always wear shinguards. They must be worn during training sessions because play can get more rambunctious at practices, when kids may be less tentative. And you want players to be accustomed to shinguards because they WILL be wearing them in the games.Its a great thing about soccer that the sport doesnt require expensive gear, but its a wise rule that requires players to wear shinguards to protect a vulnerable bone.Those children who feel uncomfortable in shinguards should be encouraged to try out different sizes and kinds of shinguards to discover a good fit. The shinguards should, of course, be properly worn under the socks, to provide maximum protection.